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BA          British Airways

BR           British Railways

BRB        British Rail Board

BRF        British Road Federation

BRS        British Road Services

BTC        British Transport Commission

CBC        County Borough Council

CEA        Central Electricity Authority

cms.         centimetres

col.          column

CSO        Central Office of Statistics (now             re-named ONS)

CTCC      Central Transport Users          Consultative Committee

DCF        Discounted cash flow

DETR      Department of the Environment,             Transport & the Regions

DoE         Department of the Environment

DfT         Department for Transport

DoT         Department of Transport

EEC         European Economic Community

EPT         Excess Profits Tax

ft              foot or feet; one = 30.48 cm

GC          Great Central Railway

GLC        Greater London Council

gvw         gross vehicle weight - the tare                 & load of a fully laden lorry

HGV       Heavy Goods Vehicle [later    replaced by LGV]

HoL         House of Lords

ICE          Institution of Civil Engineers

HMRI     Her Majesty’s Railway           Inspectors [or Inspectorate]

H&SE     Health & Safety Executive

ins           inches (12 = 1 foot) 1inch = 2.5cm

LGV        Long Goods Vehicle

LNWR    London & North Western       Railway [pre 1923]

LPTB      London Passenger Transport Board (pre-1948)

LT           London Transport

LT&S      London-Tilbury-Southend line

MDC       Metropolitan District Council

Mg          Megagram = 1000 tonnes [used              in Hall/Smith study]

M&GN   Midland & Great Northern Rly

MGR       ‘Merry-go-round’ coal trains -                1000+ net tons, load & unload                without stopping.

MoT        Minister/Ministry of Transport

mpg         miles per gallon

NBC        National Bus Company

NCB        National Coal Board

NER        North Eastern Railway

NFC        National Freight Corporation

NHS        National Health Service

NIMBY  Not in my back yard

NPV        Net present value

OLE        Overhead [electrification] line equipment

OMO      one-man operation (train or bus)

ONS        Office of National Statistics

PACTS   Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety

PSB         Power Signal Box

PEP         Political & Economic Planning

PCUs      Passenger car units (a DoT formula, not now used)

PRO        Public Record Office (later renamed National Archives)

PSV        Passenger Service Vehicle

RAC        Royal Automobile Club

RHA       Road Haulage Association

ROI         Return on investment

RRL        Road Research Laboratory, see TRL

RPI          Retail Price Index [indicator of inflation]

S&D        Somerset & Dorset line

SMMT    Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

SRA        Strategic Rail Authority

TRL         Transport Research Laboratory

TUCC     Transport Users Consultative Committee [Rail watchdog]

UKRAS  United Kingdom Railway Advisory Service

ulw          unladen weight of a road vehicle

vol.          volume